A Wanderlust

I've been visiting my family in Hawaii for the last month and a half and was able to sift through the thousands of pictures and video I took on the long wander over the last year throughout Europe and touching down briefly in Egypt, a dash into Asian, and frozen Iceland.  The below is a consecutive visualization of 14 months of an itinerant artist's life, boiled down to approximately 6 minutes.  

I'll never regret setting off on the road.  And I will always be grateful for the unique perspective this journey has offered on life, and of life - the lessons learned, the good and loving people along the way, and the gained knowledge that we're all so differently similar.  I believe in the magic of the unknown. and it is in that space that I can safely say, it is truly a beautiful world.  

Shot on an iPhone 4s over the course of 14 consecutive months and some 15 countries.