A Wanderlust

I've been visiting my family in Hawaii for the last month and a half and was able to sift through the thousands of pictures and video I took on the long wander over the last year throughout Europe and touching down briefly in Egypt, a dash into Asian, and frozen Iceland.  The below is a consecutive visualization of 14 months of an itinerant artist's life, boiled down to approximately 6 minutes.  

I'll never regret setting off on the road.  And I will always be grateful for the unique perspective this journey has offered on life, and of life - the lessons learned, the good and loving people along the way, and the gained knowledge that we're all so differently similar.  I believe in the magic of the unknown. and it is in that space that I can safely say, it is truly a beautiful world.  

Shot on an iPhone 4s over the course of 14 consecutive months and some 15 countries.


I've been having a great time as of late in wonderfully progressive and bohemian Berlin.  I spotted a couple of my earlier pieces walking around this dynamic city the other day.

Starbucks Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Starbucks Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Starbucks Ku-Damm, Berlin

Starbucks Ku-Damm, Berlin

London, Angel

A couple months ago I was strolling through my neighborhood of Angel in north London and came across a newly renovated Starbucks on Lyttleton Rd NW7, there I found one of my original pieces created for Starbucks as an In-House Muralist.  It's nice to see your kids all grown up and out in the world.



I spent over six months living in London and traveling the country.  There are few places that exceed my expectations, but the Lake District in the northern part of the country certainly did just that.


Cultivini Budapest

If you're in Budapest be sure to check out a piece I did for the good people at CultiVini at Párizsi u. 4, Budapest.  Be sure to try some of their delicious wine as well while you're there.



Installation Photos 1st & Marion, Seattle

Colman dock was originally built by Scottish engineer and Seattle pioneer James Colman.  This scene depicts the second Colman dock of the mid 1930's just before the Puget Sound Navigation Company modernized the dock to match their signature ferry the MV Kalakala.  Known as the first streamlined vessel in the world, the Kalakala was in operation from 1935 to 1967.  Currently the ferry is undergoing renovations and will hopefully be restored to it's original splendor one day.  Colman Building on 1st Avenue, is still connected to Colman Dock or Pier 52 as it was in it's original days.  If you find yourself in Seattle, stop in to this Starbucks, grab a coffee and have a look!



It's always been a dream of mine to live and work wherever my eye curious eye is drawn.  So as a lover of life and beauty and travel I've decided to take the studio across the pond and will be setting up shop in Europe beginning Oct 2013.  Follow me as I begin a very lovely chapter indeed.  @martinezine Instagram

City University HQ Starbucks Opens

Here's a nice article about the new Starbucks at City University's new Headquarters located in Seattle's charming Belltown neighborhood.  I had the pleasure of designing a mural for this location, and to be sure the ace team at Starbucks along with the fabulous store design by Parker Eberhard was a real class act.  

6TH&WALL FINAL 12.21.12.jpg