IDEE DE NEZ is a graphic design studio specializing in custom murals and illustration for editorial, lifestyle, food, and fashion brands.  Michael Martinez hails from the Pacific Northwest as a Seattle based illustrator, furniture designer, and musician.  


An autodidact, I credit the natural surroundings of my youth, from the lush evergreen forests of Washington State to the lush summers of Hawaii, with influencing an aesthetic strongly connected to man's relationship to nature and sea.

My method consists of searching for a subject's most authentic form, in an attempt to highlight its core essence.  I believe in the timelessness of handcrafted work and employ various media, from pen and ink, to watercolor, and silkscreen to effectively communicate my work in an authentic and sophisticated fashion.

After implementing a new art program as an In-House Muralist for Starbucks Coffee Company, I began my own full time design studio in 2012, IDEE DE NEZ.  I have been commissioned by major brands such as Starbucks and Amazon, as well as independent clients domestically and abroad.  I recently returned to Seattle from a multi-year world tour, where I worked from studios in London, Budapest, Berlin, and Buenos Aires, drawing from the wealth of history and culture there.  During the last few months of this tour, I trekked the Andes of South America and Patagonia, soaking in the natural grandeur, and grace of these majestic natural places.  I have returned invigorated and inspired to share with you the complex color of my experience.

I look forward to the adventure that await us, and in assisting you with your design and illustration needs.

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